Academic Freedom Videos

National Association of Scholars

Fighting for Academic Freedom in America, Canada, and Britain

bruce gilley, david randall, mark mercer, bruce oliver newsome, toby young

The New Censorship in American Higher Ed: Insights from Portland State

bruce gilley, peter boghossian, oregon senator dennis linthicum

Woke and Broke: Administrative Bloat and Student Debt

Allen Mendenhall, Adam Kissel, Jenna Robinson, Peter Wood, and Neetu Arnold

on cancel culture

bruce gilley

higher education's financial troubles

richard vedder

the cost of america's cultural revolution

heather macdonald

the free speech union

In-Depth June 2021 - The Online Safety Bill's Threat to Free Speech

Radomir Tylecote, Matthew Lesh
Host: Claire Fox

FSU member Lisa Keogh on the importance of free speech

lisa keogh

Introduction to the Free Speech Union

toby young

FIRE: Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

so to speak podcast: 'wokeness theory' distorts classroom discussion

john mcwhorter

so to speak podcast: is there a campus free speech crisis?

nico perrino, will creeley and samantha harris

viewpoint diversity on campus

mark lilla, nadine strossen, sam abrams, april kelly-woessner

Heterodox Academy

A Deep Dive into DEI: Research, Interventions, and Alternatives

edward chang, frank dobbin, and garrett johnson — moderator: ilana redstone

what is the purpose of the university?

richard shweder, john mcwhorter, nadine strossen, glenn loury, jonathan haidt

the viewpoint diversity mindset

richard shweder, john mcwhorter, nadine strossen, glenn loury, jonathan haidt

McDonald Centre

2019 McDonald Centre Annual Conference: academic freedom under threat: what's to be done? -- highlights

mcdonald centre for theology, ethics, and public life university of oxford

pc politeness and campus outrage: the two faces of the cultural left

eric kaufmann

orthodoxy and heterodoxy: a conflict at the core of education

heather heying

the threat to academic values from the quest for 'diversity' and equal results

amy wax

academic freedom and identity: can we speak freely of gender?

joanna williams

the politicisation of identity and the crusade against moral judgment

frank furedi

where's the virtue in universities?

nigel biggar

the journal of controversial ideas

francesca minerva

institutions and the means of (knowledge) production

musa al-gharbi

the age of conformity: reflections on academic freedom in south africa

nicola de jager

'd'où parles-tu?': reflections on power, truth and the open society

anthony o'hear

the orwellian language game: winning the war against linguistic terrorism

neema parvini