Université de Montréal



 Université de Montréal RectorLuc Vinet Denounces British Boycott of Israeli Universities


 June 22, 2007


Luc Vinet, rector of the Université de Montréal, added his voice to those of other leaders of major Canadian and American universities in denouncing the boycott of Israeli universities proposed by the British University and College Union to its members.


"This type of boycott, which proposes to break off dialogue between intellectuals, is, in its very essence, the negation of those most fundamental university values – freedom of expression and the free circulation of ideas. Whatever people’s opinion may be about the conflict in the Middle East, resolution can only come from pursuing dialogue, not from actions of exclusion like that suggested by the University and College Union."


The British University and College Union (UCU) adopted a resolution calling on its members to support a total and ongoing boycott of all Israeli university institutions on May 30.