University of Ottawa

Statement by Gilles Patry, President and Vice-Chancellor

 June 26, 2007

Gilles Patry, president and vice-chancellor of the University of Ottawa, joins other Canadian and international university presidents in condemning the threatened boycott of Israeli universities proposed by the British University and College Union.

This boycott goes against the fundamental university values of freedom of expression and free circulation of ideas,? said President Patry. To attempt to limit the ability of Israeli universities to freely engage in scholarship and teaching with other sister institutions in the world is attacking all universities at their core mission. Acts of exclusion, such as those proposed by the British University and College Union, will only further exacerbate existing tensions.? Patry added, I urge my fellow British university colleagues to oppose this potentially disastrous and deplorable move. Scholarly understanding and free academic exchange and expression can only contribute to a peaceful resolution of conflicts.