Ryerson University

President Sheldon Levy's Statement on Britain's University and College Union Proposed Academic Boycott of Israeli Universities

Ryerson University is a scholarly community whose academic mission is for ideas, teaching and research to have an impact on the world around us.  This mission cannot be carried out without unequivocal support for the underlying values of academic freedom and freedom of speech, which are the hallmarks of all great universities worldwide.

It is with this context that I must add my voice to those who have urged the British University and College Union to reject any call for a boycott of Israeli universities. We will not stand by as the very nature of university education is being undermined.

As a University we embrace understanding, exchange of ideas, empathy and intellectual engagement. We do not shy away from controversy, difficult ideas, or disagreements over deeply held views. We do not hinge our belief in academic freedom and freedom of expression on political disagreements or diverging views on government policy.  Current events do not distract us from our core values.