(The Bulletin, University of Toronto)

Both Points Misstated
John Furedy
Department of Psychology
July 26, 2004
Professor Vassos Hadzilacos (Case Resorts to Sophistries, June 28) is clearly offended by my recent criticism of the administration’s equity policies (Academic Merit Undervalued, May 31).  However he has misstated both of my points with which he takes issue.  First, I indeed did refer to a “significant biological basis” in the determination of observed behavioural sex differences but immediately and necessarily qualified this with the point that “undoubtedly societal factors also contribute.”
This qualification is essential since it differentiates my position that heredity, environment and their interactions all play a (complex) causal role from the reductive ideology of biological determinism that views behaviour as being totally determined by biology (an ideology I reject entirely).
Second, It is not the case that the evidence I had cited found merely that tenure-stream ads in the hard sciences used “stronger” language than those in other disciplines.  Rather, the results indicated a difference in merit, but not equity, requirements between the hard science departments and other sorts of departments.
For further details I refer Professor Hadzilacos to http://safs/january2003/advertisment.html

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