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SAFS Newsletter #89 - September 2021

September 2021 Newsletter - Issue #89

  • Brief to the Comité d'experts sur la reconnaissance de la liberté académique
  • Submission to the Committee of Experts on the Recognition of Academic Freedom - Douglas Farrow
  • Brief on Academic Freedom: Submitted to the Commission scientifique et technique indépendante sur la reconnaissance de la liberté académique dans le milieu universitaire, Organismes liés, Ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur, Gouvernement du Québec - Philip Carl Salzman
  • On Weaponizing Literature, Campus Cancel Culture, and Why I Wrote Nevergreen - Andrew Pessin
  • Academic Freedom, Cancel Culture, and the Ethical Failings of Higher Education Professionals - Sinclair A. MacRae
  • Compelled Expression on Canadian Campuses - Peter Bowal
  • Not Mount Allison's Finest Hour - Kris Larsen
  • The Residential Schools and Unmarked Graves: Why is Open Inquiry Perilous? - Frances Widdowson
  • Indigenous Knowledge and Science - Philip A. Sullivan
  • The Effects of Identity and Beliefs on Perceptions and Judgments - Dave Porter, Yabsira Ayele, Deshontanae Davis, Jenifer Fidela, Aaron Clark
  • Only in a Society of Litigious Mania: A review of James R. Flynn, A Book Too Risky to Publish: Free Speech and Universities - Peter Suedfeld
  • Ask Only Pre-Approved Questions: A review of Ilana Redstone and John Villasenor, Unassailable Ideas - Stephen B. Perrott
  • Warning All Grad Students: A review of Lindsay Shepherd, Diversity and Exclusion - Christina Behme
  • Showing No Embarrassment: A review of Ulrich Baer, What Snowflakes Get Right - Dale Beyerstein
  • Is Informality Simply Too Dangerous? - Mark Mercer
  • A Speakeasy in the Age of Prohibition - Pamela Lindsay
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