Nominations for SAFS Board of Directors, 2001

January 2001

The Nominations Committee consisting of the President (Clive Seligman), Past-President (Doreen Kimura), and two non-director members (Ken Hilborn and Stewart Page) have nominated the following individuals for consideration for election to the Board at the next Annual General Meeting of the members. Brief biographical sketches are provided for nominees who are not currently serving on the Board.

The five nominated current Directors are: Dale Beyerstein, Murray Miles, Clive Seligman, Harvey Shulman, and Peter Suedfeld. The three additional nominees are:

  • Tom Flanagan is Professor of Political Science at the University of Calgary and a member of the Royal Society of Canada. He is best known for his books on Louis Riel, the North-West Rebellion, and aboriginal land claims. For two years in the early 1990s, he was director of research for the Reform Party of Canada; and he continues to provide media commentary on Canadian party politics as well as on aboriginal issues. He writes regularly for the National Post. Dr. Flanagan's participation in politics, along with the controversial nature of many of the topics on which he has published, has made him particularly concerned about issues of academic freedom in Canada. In the spirit of John Stuart Mill, he advocates the right of all Canadians, not just university professors, to speak on all matters of public concern without fear of coercion from government authorities. Just as strongly, he supports the right of all Canadians to disagree with, to denounce, and to dissociate themselves from people with whom they disagree.
  • Steve Lupker is Professor of Psychology at the University of Western Ontario. He is a cognitive psychologist, and his research interests center on information processing, with specific interests in reading, attention, and mathematical modeling. For several years, Steve was the coordinator of the local SAFS' organization at Western. He has been a campus leader on issues relevant to SAFS' twin goals of academic freedom and the merit principle. As a member of the university Senate, he was a determined and vocal critic of the university's policy on learning disabilities. In large part due to his efforts, the current policy on learning disabilities is much improved. Steve was also a leading opponent of the Faculty Association's attempt to introduce preferential faculty hiring at Western. After forcing the Faculty Association to hold a mail ballot on the issue, preferential faculty hiring was defeated by a margin of almost 2-1.
  • Phil Resnick is Professor of Political Science at UBC. His work has had a significant interdisciplinary component, and has concentrated on national identities in multinational states. He has written eight books, on Canadian politics and political theory, and has held a variety of research grants, fellowships, and visiting appointments. He received the Harold Innis Award of the HSSFC for the best English-language book in the social sciences in Canada (1991). He was one of the most vigorous critics of the McEwen Report and the precipitate and unfair action taken in its wake against the Department of Political Science. Elected to the Board of Governors of UBC by the faculty, Resnick was instrumental in turning the university away from the conventions of political correctness. He was the prime mover in removing demographic preferences from our job advertisements in favour of a clear emphasis on merit, and has been a supporter of academic freedom throughout his service on the Board.

Any member of SAFS may nominate individuals for election as Director. These nominations must be received at the SAFS Office by April 15, 2001. Each member nomination shall contain the following information: (i) the signature of the person nominating and the signatures of two (2) seconders; (ii) the full name and address of the person nominated; (iii) a statement of the status and attributes of the person nominated, showing each person's qualifications to be a director; (iv) a written consent signed by the person nominated agreeing to be nominated for election and to serve, if elected.

For your information, John Furedy, Doreen Kimura, and Paul Marantz are stepping down from the Board.