University of Toronto President Robert J. Birgeneau Responds to SAFS

January 2001

October 6, 2000

Dear Professor Miles:

I am responding to the Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship letter of October 2, 2000 which identifies you as the contact person. As you probably know, I have reported on the Dr. Chun matter extensively at various forums at the University of Toronto, including our Academic Board of which Dr. Furedy is a member. I draw your attention to the excerpt of my report at the September 14, 2000 meeting of Governing Council as well as my open letter to the University community. Both these documents can be viewed on the University's website ( As you are aware, Dr. Chun's appointment is not to a faculty position in the tenure stream, but is rather under the policies for senior research associates.

Like you and the members of your organization, I am deeply committed to the principles of academic freedom. Accordingly, I look forward to your continuing support in the months and years ahead. Thank you for writing.

Best regards

Yours sincerely,
Robert J. Birgeneau, President, University of Toronto

Note: Our SAFS letter to Dr. Birgeneau was published in SAFS Newsletter 26, September 2000. See SAFS website for additional information.