Bonehead Award Three Goes to a 5 ft 1 inch firefighter in the UK who, being so short

April 2002

  • Cannot reach equipment on the fire truck,
  • Cannot pull the hoses from the fire truck,
  • Cannot lift ladders because they are too long
  • Cannot clean the fire engine because she cannot reach all areas,
  • Cannot use cutting equipment on large commercial vehicles and,
  • Cannot reach the emergency keys in an elevator and so cannot handle emergencies involving elevators.
And who now says that she has become embarrassed and depressed and so has decided to SUE the fire brigade for:
  • Not making shorter fire trucks so she can reach equipment, pull hoses and clean all areas,
  • Not using shorter ladders,
  • Not making smaller cutting equipment and smaller commercial vehicles
  • Not making sure all elevators have keys can reach

  • She is claiming sexual discrimination. Huh???
    As we make her the poster woman for the "it's everyone else's fault" generation.