Student Discipline

September 2004

The University has reviewed the judgment by the court and has decided to allow Mr. Freeman-Maloy to re-register as a student at York should he decide to do so. The University’s goal throughout this process has been to protect the academic environment and ensure that all York students understand and abide by established standards of student conduct.

The University has emphasized to him in writing that any individual student who registers at York agrees to abide by the Code of Student Conduct and follow reasonable instructions given by University officials. Consistent with the University’s core values, all members of the York community have the right to freedom of expression. In exercising their civic rights and responsibilities on campus, members of the York community are expected to adhere to the principles of peace and non-violence.

University disciplinary actions involving students must be put in proper context. The vast majority of York’s 50,000 students conduct themselves in a manner that respects the rights and safety of others on campus. In recent years, the University has noted with concern the conduct of a very small number of students and external groups who use York’s campus to engage in inflammatory behaviour and confrontations. These incidents have threatened the sense of security of students and other members of the York community. In 2003-2004, two highly confrontational protests on York’s campus precipitated the University’s decision to suspend student groups involved and pursue a variety of disciplinary measures aimed at ensuring that individual students are accountable for their actions.

This University remains committed to maintaining a civil and safe environment where open debate is encouraged and to enabling students to pursue their academic studies free from unwelcome disruptions.

In an international climate that remains extremely volatile, we call on all students to resolve their political and ideological differences in a peaceful manner that is consistent with the highest ideals of Canadian democracy, inherent in which is respect for those with opposing points of view. We believe that the Canadian public supports our commitment to these values.