Nomination For SAFS Board Of Directors 2006-2007

January 2006

The Nominations Committee consisted of Clive Seligman (President), Doreen Kimura (Past-President), and Albert Katz (UWO) and Natalie Allen (UWO) as two SAFS members not currently on the Board.

The seven nominated current Directors are: Grant Brown, Andrew Irvine, Tom Flanagan, Steve Lukper, John Mueller, Clive Seligman, and Peter Suedfeld.

An additional nominee is Martin Wall. Dr. Wall recently retired from the University of Toronto, where he was a professor of psychology, director of the university's Transitional Year Program, chair of Interdisciplanary Studies, and, for ten years, chair of the Psychology Department. Marty was educated at Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania, where he was trained as a learning theorist. For many years, Marty was the instructor of introductory psychology, one of U of T’s most popular (and populous) courses. In teaching the class of 2,000 students, Marty developed several innovative teaching techniques for teaching large classes, which led, among other things, to his having been appointed a national 3M teaching fellow. A member of SAFS from its beginning, Marty has participated on many panel discussions and symposia at SAFS annual general meetings.

Any member of SAFS may nominate individuals for election as Director. These nominations must be received at the SAFS Office by April 15, 2006. Each member nomination shall contain the following information: (1) the signature of the person nominating and the signatures of two (2) seconders; (ii) the full name and address of the person nominated; (iii) a statement of the status and attributes of the person nominated, showing each person’s qualifications to be a director; (iv) a written consent signed by the person nominated agreeing to be nominated for election and serve, if elected.

As sadly noted elsewhere in this issue, board member Havey Shulman recently died.