Be Friendly, Non-Judgmental, Queen's University's 'Dialogue Facilitators' Told

January 2009

Sample guidelines for the facilitators in the Intergroup Dialogue program at Queen's University: "A derogatory term is posted on a floor, or is expressed in an interaction or while a joke is being told. The intergroup facilitator (IF) identifies the student who used the offending term and prepares to visit with the resident. The IF approaches the student in a friendly, non-confrontational, non-judgmental and open manner. After introductions, the IF broaches the topic with the resident and asks if they can chat about the incident. The IF might share their impact and inquire about the perspective of the student with respect to the use of the term. The two would ideally engage in a respectful and educational dialogue and the IF would gently challenge thinking if necessary. The IF will ask questions and use their communication skills to help the individual relate to the experience of marginalization or exclusion that comes from being the target of such derogatory terminology. The IF will end the conversation on a positive note or with an open invitation to discuss further."