University Of Calgary Appeal Board Refuses To Hear Appeal Of Students Found Guilty Of "Non-Academic Misconduct"

September 2010

CALGARY: The Appeal Board at the University of Calgary has refused to hold a hearing to consider the appeal of eight University of Calgary students found guilty of “non-academic misconduct” for having set up a controversial pro-life display on campus on April 8, 2010. The students have refused to comply with the University’s censorship demands that their signs be turned inwards in such a way no passersby can see the signs. The Appeal Board has upheld the finding of “guilty” without the benefit of a hearing at which the students and their lawyer could present evidence or arguments.

The students and their lawyer, John Carpay, will be available for comment at a press conference today:

Date: Thursday, September 9, 2010

Time: 10:30 a.m.

Place: MacKimmie Library Building, University of Calgary campus U of C students Alanna Campbell, Leah Hallman, Cristina Perri, Ryan Wilson, Cameron Wilson, Peter Csillag, John Mcleod and Joanna Strezynski were found guilty of “non-academic misconduct” this past May, for having refused the University’s demand that they turn their pro-life display’s signs inwards such that no passersby could see the signs.

The U of C has informed these students that their conduct is a “Major Violation” in the same category with theft, vandalism, fraud, sexual assault, firearms misuse, and selling drugs. The students face penalties which include expulsion from the university.

“The Board of Governors has the authority to overturn this outrageous decision, and restore freedom of expression to all students at the University of Calgary, without discrimination based on viewpoint,” stated lawyer John Carpay, indicating the students intend to appeal this decision to the university’s highest authority.

“A government-funded, public university does not have the right to repudiate its own mission, that of being a forum for the pursuit of truth, by singling out one viewpoint for censorship,” continued Carpay.