SAFS Member Wins Inaugural Parmenides Award

January 2016

Andrew Irvine, Professor of Philosophy at the University of British Columbia Okanagan and a long-serving member of the SAFS Board of Directors, has been presented the 2015 Parmenides Award for contributions to the study of Ancient Greek Philosophy and Science.

Andrew received the award on 19 November at the third annual International Philosophical Forum Anadrasis, a forum held in connection with World Philosophy Day.

“The forum and its associated award ceremony help promote worldwide dialogue among authors, artists and scientists, and help advance Hellenic culture and the Western philosophical tradition. More than 300 scientists, thinkers and researchers from Greece and abroad participated in this year’s conference,” explained May Li, in the UBC Okanagan news. (

Li quotes Andrew as saying “The promotion of World Philosophy Day by both UNESCO and the International Philosophical Forum is appreciated around the world. At a time when so much of Europe is facing so many challenges, Greece’s continued championing of western philosophical values is of special importance.

“Over the years, UBC has been tremendously supportive of the research that I and others have done. The Okanagan campus in particular gives both students and faculty the freedom to pursue their interests. It’s a very special place.”