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Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship

SAFS 2022 Academic General Meeting

COVID and the End of the Rational University

Led by Bruce Pardy
Featuring David Haskell and William McNally

Not For Us to Say: Working Through (and Past) the Conflation of Radicalism with Inquiry

John McWhorter

The Evolution of the Safe Environment Argument

Paul Viminitz

Government Interference with Academic Freedom: German Democratic Republic vs. Canada

Christina Behme

SAFS 2021 Academic General Meeting

welcome and news from safs​ 2021

mark mercer, president of safs

The State of Ontario Universities in Light of Chicago Principles Legislation

William McNally and David M. Haskell

SAFS 2020 Academic General Meeting

2nd annual furedy lecture: the contemporary university in global perspective


Welcome and news from SAFS 2020

mark mercer, president of safs

Thomas Hobbes against Identity Politics

Joanne Boucher

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (and Accessibility) as Oath and Mantra

Stephen Perrott and Frances Widdowson

keynote address: is academic freedom under attack in the canadian university?

samir gandesha

SAFS 2019 Academic General Meeting

furedy lecture: safe spaces versus sacred spaces

Rachel Fulton Brown

Right Idea, Wrong Approach: The Ontario free speech directive and the effect of speech laws on universities

bruce pardy

Social Justice and Moral Panic: Modern Threats to Academic Freedom

Rick Mehta

Keynote Address: Is Academia Good for the Soul?

Rachel Fulton Brown

SAFS 2018 Academic General Meeting

honest rudeness or insincere civility?

mark mercer

a discussion between lindsay shepherd and david haskell

lindsay shepherd and david haskell

keynote address: a tsunami of maladies afflicting the soul of our universities

gad saad

SAFS 2017 Academic General Meeting

When Science is Political

Jan Narveson

Does Banning Hate Speech Eliminate Hatred The Case of East Germany

Christine Behme

keynote address: Why Freedom of Speech is not Just Another Value

Jordan Peterson