SAFS Online Events

Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship


Flies in the Ointment: How Distortions, Discontinuities, & Dissonance Thwart Cancel Culture’s Promises

October 6, 2021

Dave Porter, Jenifer Fidela, Deshontanae Davis, Aaron Clark, & Yabsira Ayele

How Free Should Professors Be? An Introduction for Students to Academic Freedom

September 23, 2021

Mark Mercer

Residential Schools and Unmarked Graves: Is open inquiry possible?

July 10, 2021

frances widdowson, brian giesbrecht, and rodney a. clifton — moderator: paul viminitz

The Uses and Abuses of University Disciplinary Procedures

July 5, 2021

mark mercer and frances widdowson — moderator: robert thomas

Academic Mobbing: The Whys and (The) Wherefores

March 20, 2021

Ken Westhues, Paul Viminitz, Frances Widdowson and Rebecca Tuvel — moderator: kirsten kramar

Universities and Open Inquiry Exploring the Difficulties

February 2021

mark hecht, mark mercer, frances widdowson, koko kramar — moderator: paul viminitz

my silly adventure where i learned about the joys of discourse and debate in 2020

January 21, 2021

dorian abbot — moderator: david kwan


In Defense of Reason: Creating a Climate for Academic Freedom

May 9, 2020

Sinclair MacRae